22 November 2024 (3 days)

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Boechout, Antwerpen

  • Studio Pili
  • Michael Watson
  • English
  • 23 points (Kwaliteitshuis Fysiotherapie Vakinhoudelijk algemeen)

Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function

One short course. . . long-lasting results for you!

Course Description

A revolutionary map with practical results! In this new and expanded 22.5-hour workshop format, you will learn about the myofascial tissue and its many roles in the body. Participants will see the fascial tissues in context and how they are interdependent with the other body systems.

You will begin to appreciate how the body incorporates the Anatomy Train Lines to create easy and graceful movement – provided they are in some form of balance and harmony. Restriction or weakness in one section can have many knock-on effects elsewhere; this workshop will show you how that happens, how to trace the lines of strain and, most importantly, how you can develop strategies to deal with them.

Transform your view of myofascial anatomy, expand your ability to assess postural and movement patterns, and learn to create lasting fascial change with your hands.

What is Anatomy Trains?

The Anatomy Trains workshop series is based on Thomas Myers' book, "Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians for Manual Therapists and Movement Professionals." This is the first workshop to combine Anatomy Trains theory alongside structural and functional anatomy and analysis, blending together the concepts of tensegrity with elastic recoil for movement efficiency.

Anatomy Trains is the perfect introduction to myofascial anatomy for any therapist. It is also the first essential step along the path to training in Structural Integration with the Anatomy Trains protocol.

This is an exciting and fun workshop delivered with clarity and your practice in mind – you will have useful and usable skills by the end of the three days. Research will be referenced showing the roles of fascia in the body, making this an up-to-date and highly effective skill-building workshop.

Key points of this course include:

  • Functional, Fascial and Structural approaches in one program
  • Understanding how the body really moves
  • Breaking the myths of anatomy and physiology
  • Learning to make the appropriate changes to maximize efficiency

What will you learn during Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function?

We all want to have a 3-dimensional vision of the body and this workshop is the first step towards establishing those skills for yourself. You will learn to see and correct the myofascial patterns of the body - a skill dubbed as "BodyReading." By gradually building your BodyReading skills, you will learn to interpret movement and postural patterns.

We will address differential diagnoses to help identify for motor control or soft tissue restrictions and where they may be coming from. Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function courses provide you with new fascial release techniques to transform structure by reaching deeper issues in the tissues.

Course Objectives

  • Get the latest information on fascia, muscle, and movement
  • Be able to identify the 12 myofascial meridians and their link to human growth, development, perception and consciousness
  • Accurately “BodyRead” posture and movement; assess your clients in a new way
  • Gain effective myofascial and movement strategies
  • Develop treatment strategies specific to your clients’ structural and functional patterns


There are no prerequisites required to take this course. Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function is the starting point of your Anatomy Trains education.

Note: You MUST take the Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function course before taking the Anatomy Trains Structural Essentials (SE) courses or ATSI Part I. Familiarity with the Anatomy Trains lines and concepts is key to getting the most from the program.


This course is accredited for 23 points. Accreditation points are given for members of Stichting Keurmerk and Kwaliteitshuis Fysiotherapie. You can request the points your self for PQK.

Meet your Instructor(s)

This course is will be taught by either Michael Watson or Don Thompson, depending on the date.

Recommended Literature

This course is based on the myofascial meridians outlined in the book, "Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual Therapists and Movement Professionals" by Thomas Myers. Familiarizing yourself with this book before your course may prove beneficial.

The fascial release techniques you will learn in this course stem from the book, "Fascial Release for Structural Balance" by James Earls & Thomas Myers.

If you'd like more information about the concept of BodyReading, we recommend "BodyReading: Visual Assessment and the Anatomy Trains," by Thomas Myers.


This course is offered in:

View the ATSF course page to see all available dates and locations.

Language of Instruction

This course is taught in English. 🇬🇧


Next Steps

Journey to ATSI Certification

Begin your journey with: 

Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function (this course)

Continue your journey with:

The Structural Essentials Series. These regional intensives combine global postural assessment with movement and manual techniques for efficient and long-lasting results.


Each of the 6 SE classes is based on consistent functional movement concepts, applied to everyday movement and our new understanding of myofascial efficiency and whole body response. Important research findings are integrated into the presentations, along with cutting-edge applications that can be used for clients on your next day in clinic.

Designed for the busy manual therapist, the SE workshops are most easily absorbed in the order outlined below but you can do them in any order as time permits. Check our calendar for dates.

  1. Arches and Legs
  2. Fans of the Hip
  3. Abdomen, Breath, and Chest
  4. Tensegrity Spine
  5. Shoulders & Arms
  6. Head, Neck, & Jaw

We all have our own learning styles, for some the weekends spread over the year works the best, others prefer to do all in one go. So we decided to give you both! For the first time in Europe, we are offering you the full SE series - all 6 courses - in one go. This means less traveling, less weekends away from your family, and the chance to spend 2 weeks immersed in the Anatomy Trains world with Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Part 1.

Finalize your journey with:

The next step on your Anatomy Trains Structural Integration pathway is Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Part II. To complete your Structural Integration certification, you must follow the final course in the series: Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Part III.

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Click here to learn more about the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Certification Program.

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