Physio Bikefit Level 2 (formerly Level 3 and 4)

Course Description

Our Level 2 course is the perfect extension to the Level 1 course you have previously undertaken. Whilst Level 1 gives the basic tools to assess the body and the bike in cycling, allowing you to initiate the development of your Physio BikeFit practice, Level 2 begins to drill down to more complex analysis and assessment of BikeFit related components.

A review of the Level 1 content initiates Level 2, with a practice and discussion of the basic BikeFit. We then address the contact points looking at the evidence base around their assessment and management, the biomechanics and functional anatomy that may influence, and finish with a clear mechanism for decision making in fitting at the (a) seat, (b) pedals/shoes and (c) bars. We look at different bike styles and related fit, and most importantly develop our problem solving ability in Physio BikeFit.

Designed to progress you to the next stage and give you confidence in your management of cyclists and cycling injury.

Take your career to the next level with our new course. Held in person. This course will introduce new material and build on skills developed in Level 1.

What's Included in Level 2

  • 2 day in-person course.
  • A PDF & hard copy of the L2 manual.
  • A review of your L1 basics.
  • Access to the L1 online course - regardless of when you undertook L1.
  • Mainly hands-on practical components & problem solving. 
  • Take home knowledge of saddle, shoe and bars interface Bikefit.

Course Structure

Part 1: Level 1 Review

  • A review of Level 1: A Physio BikeFit (1 hour)
  • A review of Level 1: Physio BikeFit; Body, Injury & Rehabilitation (1 hour)
  • Fitting different styles of bike; Road, Aero, TT & MTB (1 hour)

Part 2 – The Contact Points

SADDLE FIT (2.5 hours)

  • Theory and evidence around cycling saddles
  • Saddle shape, size and structure
  • Types of bikes and riding in the context of saddles
  • Is it the saddle or the saddle position?
  • The BODY and the SADDLE; assessment, measurement (the full saddle fit process)
  • Technology in saddle fit (GEBIOMIZE)

SHOE FIT (2.5 hours)

  • Types of shoes, cleats, pedals, spacers, inserts, wedges
  • Theory, evidence and functional considerations at the foot-pedal interface
  • Matching the foot to the shoe
  • What about inserts?
  • The ultimate cleat position practical

HANDS & BARS FIT (1 hour)

  • An introduction to bars and rubbers (hoods) with a road emphasis
  • Bars width measure
  • How can bars sand rubbers be adjusted for change to BikeFit

Part 3 - The Tech

Technology in BikeFit (1.5 hours)

  • Technology Practical including Gebiomised; saddle & foot pressure, measures & kinematics (2.5 hours)

Part 4 - Problem Solving in Physio BikeFit

Case Studies Masterclass 'More than just numbers' (2 hours)

  • 2-3 Physio BikeFits will be undertaken & discussed
  • Clinical reasoning in the context of BikeFit will be analysed and workshopped.


You must complete Physio Bikefit Level 1 in order to register for Physio Bikefit Level 2.


Professional development credits from International Bike Fitting Institute, APA, Kwaliteitshuis Fysiotherapie (KRF-NL & Keurmerk), and Pro-Q-Kine are available.

Meet your Instructor(s)

The course is taught by Paul Visentini.


Physio Bikefit Level 2 in currently available in 2 locations:

Language of Instruction

This course is taught in English. 🇬🇧

Level 1 & Level 2 Combo

To complete L1 and L2 as one unit - you will need to:

1. Complete the L1 lectures in order 

2. Complete workshop 1 & workshop 2 – either live or recorded* 

3. Attend the in person 2-day L2 course in Amsterdam or Girona

4. Complete the L2 quiz and feedback form

5. On successful completion we will issue you a Physiosports Physio Bikefit Level 1-2 Certificate

*If you choose to watch a recorded session you are still welcome to attend the live workshop.

Course planning

  • 08:30 - 09:00: Registration with coffee and tea


14 - 15 June 2025
  • Amsterdam
  • Paul Visentini en
  • 24 points (Pro-Q-Kine)
    15 points (Kwaliteitshuis Fysiotherapie Vakinhoudelijk algemeen)
  • €525,00
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